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Friday, July 8, 2011

21st Amendment Monk's Blood Belgian Ale

21st Amendment Monk's Blood Belgian Ale, another canned offering from 21st Amendment Brewing, poured a reddish-brown in the glass, with barely observed carbonation and a thick, beige head.  The nose carried forward the Belgian yeast and a spicy oak... some vanilla and cinnamon undertones with overripe apples.  

21t Amendment Monk's Blood Belgian Ale opened with a thick and dark fruity sweetness.  Notes of clove, vanilla, and cinnamon came through as the sweetness mellowed, and a heady alcohol heat took over in the extended fade.

21st Amendment Monk's Blood Belgian Ale pulls off the Belgian ale style convincingly, and there is a novelty to drinking it out of the can.  However, the alcohol burn really takes the wind out of the sails with this ale... too much heat is especially frustrating given how it sours the oak and spice in the middle.  

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