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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trumer Pils Pilsner

Trumer Pils, from Trumer Brauerei, poured a light, clear golden color with slow moving but consistent carb trailing to a thin white head.   The nose had some apple and corn presence, as well as light, peppery hop notes.   

Trumer Pils opened crisp, with a dried sour apple start settling into a vegetal, slightly corn-centric middle with barely detectable light, toasty notes.  The pilsner faded slightly bitter, with a dry fade of peppery noble hops.

Trumer Pils is a classic example of a completely in-style commercial pilsner for a reason… it drinks well, respects the noble hops, and pairs with almost everything.  On a side note, a head-to-head with a newer bottle and a pint from a keg brought out the disadvantages of bottled imports, as the bottled version was skunky.

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