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Monday, June 6, 2011

Rogue XS Imperial YSB Younger’s Special Bitter Ale

Rogue XS Imperial Younger’s Special Bitter Ale, a limited offering from Rogue Brewing, had obvious residual yeast from bottle conditioning (I suspect this ale was likely brewed to go straight to keg), so I left a little in the bottle as I poured the bitter into the glass.   YSB settled an Iced Tea color with a thin, yellow head that would have disappeared if it weren't for a steady supply of carbonation supplementing it.  The nose led with dry yeast and malts with the slightest hint of fruity hops.

Rogue XS YSB opened bitter but buttery on the palette, with a dry malt front and undertones of herbal notes and even a bit of mint.  There was a subtle sweetness that came through as the ale settled, and it ended on an extended yeast note with a bit of pine. 

Rogue XS Imperial YSB Younger’s Special Bitter Ale is a good ale, easily a session beer despite the “Imperial” in the title, and is a nice change from the Imperial aesthetic in that it brought the delicate subtleness of a bitter to match the raised malt profile.  

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