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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Klamath Basin Crystal Springs IPA

Crystal Springs IPA, a regular offering from Klamath Basin Brewing, poured a hazy acron color into the glass, topped with a whipped, white head fed by a tiny amount of carbonation.  The IPA had a big, citrus and pine nose typical of a Northwest-style IPA.

Despite the lack of visible carbonation, Klamath Basin Crystal Springs IPA hit my mouth heavily carbonated with a gripping, fruity hop start.  As the effervescence subsided, the hops mellowed into a subtle, sweet caramel center.  A strange, almost minty herbal note came through as the hops faded, and the malt profile took on a slightly “off” earth taste.

Klamath Basin Crystal Springs IPA is a good craft beer, and I wouldn’t turn it down, but in the current glut of similar IPAs, this IPA doesn’t stand out. 

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