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Monday, May 23, 2011

Traquair Scottish House Ale

Lunden, by friendly bar keep, found a couple odds and ends squirreled away in 4 Daughters Irish Pub’s beer library and kindly allowed me to liberate them for a modest fee.  Tonight I’m opening up a bottle from Traquair house, Scottish brewery and Scotland’s oldest inhabited house.  There’s a fascinating story behind the property, but let’s get to the good stuff with Traquair Scottish House Ale.

Traquair Scottish House Ale poured a dark, hazy, chestnut brown into the glass capped with a cream colored frothy head.  The ale had a surprisingly hop forward nose for a European ale, full of fresh garden herbs supported by a toasted, warm barley backbone.

Traquair Scottish House Ale opened with a light mouth-feel that quickly turned creamy, with echoes of roasted coffee and chocolate supporting vanilla and a dark fruit sweetness.  The ale lingered in the mouth, dry and warm.

If I had to boil the Traquair Scottish House Ale experience down to a single statement, it would be that the ale comes off perfectly balanced and integrated.  Nothing is out place, and nothing is missing.  Truly a stately experience.

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