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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Juniper Black Ale

Probably the most intriguing and unique styles in the Sierra Nevada Best of Beer Camp mixed 12-pack, I'm tasting Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Juniper Black Ale today.

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Juniper Black Ale poured an impenetrable thick black into the glass that obscured any effervescence, topped by a surprisingly white thin head that cling to the sides of the glass with a sticky tenacity.  Subtle coffee and pine blended together for a nice smooth and spicy nose.

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Juniper Black Ale opened with a surprisingly bright mineral and lemon start that cut the palette to make way for the big, milk chocolate middle.  Hop spice and dry notes of juniper are present in the background, propped up by some heat and bitterness, but never attempt to overpower the creamy malt profile.  The alcohol heat lingers in the fade, but isn't distracting.

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Juniper Black Ale is, first and foremost, a well rounded ale. Of the four styles in the 12-pack, Juniper Black Ale deviates the most from the classic Sierra Nevada offerings, being creamier, spicier and more dessert-like with one of the best integrated heat-profiles that actually enhances the core flavors I have experienced. 


  1. This was my least favorite of the Beer Camp beers. I felt the flavors were very aggressive and didn't really go well together. Roasted and citrus and spicy and juniper and alcohol. My favorite of the four was the Weizenbock.

  2. Funny how we noticed the same aspects but had polar opposite reactions to them! I appreciated the bigness of it, but, especially given your preference for the Weizenbock, completely see where this ale would have let you down.