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Friday, May 13, 2011

Primator Double Bock

Czech Brewery Pivovar Primator is the taste of the day, with their alcohol bomb (10.5% ABV) Primator Double Bock.

Primator Double Bock had a huge, dark red-black body with vigorous carbonation cutting through to a thin, loose tan head.  The malt heavy nose carried the promised notes of light roasted coffee and nut along with some sweetness.

Primator Double Bock had a thick, thick start that coated my mouth with light roast coffee and a boozy molasses sweetness.   Surprisingly, the carbonation came through in the middle before mellowing out into a thick, sugar fade.   Strong caramel and brown sugar flavors dominated throughout.

Surprisingly, Primator Double Bock isn't a very complex beer, it’s just big.  Way sweeter and higher in detectable alcohol than the typical double bock, it was a challenge to finish the bottle.

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