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Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

My first foray into better/craft beer was discovering New Belgium Brewing on the shelves of local stores ten years ago… one of the only real craft brews amid a bunch of imports and perennials from St. Lois, Milwaukee, and Golden.   The beer?  New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale. 

New Belgium Fat Tire Ale poured orange into the glass, transparent with no carbonation trails. A somewhat sickly, medium white head clung to the side of the glass, with aromas of pizza crust and barley.

New Belgium Fate Tire Ale opened bright with the iconic, pizza crust/biscuit-like yeast notes that permeate most New Belgium brews.  As the ale warmed in my mouth it became drier and even more bread-like.  The ale ended on an extended "ate a slice of bread" note. The hops seemed to be introduced only to the point of balance, not bitter flavor.

New Belgium Fat Tire is still a good beer, but it’s one that I’ve grown past.  It’s distinct, biscuit-like yeast flavor is a blessing and a curse… great paired with pizza but a bit too big and bready to feel good as a session beer.

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