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Monday, April 11, 2011

Cascade Lakes Brewing IPA

Having recently picked up a new round of beer to keep my fridge stocked and tasting list front-loaded, I’m clearing out the last few bottles I picked up in late February.  After a day of being out and about hiking with kiddo, the thought of tackling the intimidating 22oz barley wine or the 10%+ABV Belgian ales seemed a bit overwhelming, so it was with a sense of relief I found a bottle by Cascade Lakes Brewing Company in the back of the fridge.  I’m going to enjoy the last bit of sun today and crack open a bottle of Cascade Lakes Brewing Co. India Pale Ale.

Cascade Lakes India Pale Ale was cloudy orange in my glass, with a thin white head.  The nose was somewhat generic for an IPA…there were the obligatory notes of pine and light citrus.
Cascade Lakes IPA drank about as generic as it smelled, opening with a moderate hop front with an above average biscuit malt profile backing it early on and settled into a mostly dry, toasty middle.  The malts actually tasted a bit too homogeneous, making me wonder if the ale was an extract recipe (that’s what it reminded me of… a homebrew kit).
There’s nothing wrong with Cascade Lakes India Pale Ale (in fact, the should be lauded to being a Pacific Northwest brewery crafting an IPA closer to the old world style than the hop-bombs I know and love from the West coast), but it doesn’t offer anything that surpasses “adequate”, which makes it hard to recommend with some many more exciting experiences sitting right next to it on the shelf.

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