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Friday, March 11, 2011

Westmalle Tripel Trappist Ale

My dad was kind enough to give me a Trappist ale from Westmalle Abbey,  so let's see what this Westmalle Tripel Trappist Ale monk brew is all about.

Westmalle Tripel Trappist Ale poured a cloudy pale yellow with green highlights, and was topped by a fizzy white head.  The nose was incredibly fragrant, full or fruity banana and pear notes.

Westmalle Tripel Trappist Ale hit my mouth fairly carbonated, which was a nice preparation for the sweet and fruity flavor that quickly took over.  That "classic abbey yeast" flavor was present throughout, and the ale ended on a pleasant, cut grass aftertaste.

This is a big beer... big flavor, big ABV.  Although far from the most experienced Tripel drinker, I can say Westmalle exemplifies what a good abbey ale should be.  Like most abbey-style ales, the complexity and sweetness of Westmalle Tripel makes it better suited to sipping than slamming down after a day in the yard, but the best things in life are worth slowing down for.

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