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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rogue American Amber Ale

Rogue Brewery made their name through unique takes on beers, so today I’m challenging them to peak my interest with a style I’m somewhat lukewarm towards… the amber ale.  With guarded optimism I’m opening a bottle of Rogue American Amber Ale and settling in for the evening.

 Rogue American Amber Ale was a pleasant rosewood color in the glass; medium carbonation feeding to a thin, off-white head.  The nose was surprisingly floral for an amber, indicative of the emphasis on hops Rogue brought when crafting the ale, with faint roasted coffee notes.

Rogue American Amber Ale drank with a carbonated citrus front.  The floral notes in the nose made a brief appearance as the carbonation mellowed into a dry, toast finish.  Simple and sweet (well… not the flavor!).

If my tasting notes seem brief, it’s not a reflection of quality.  Rogue Brewery Amber Ale is supremely drinkable and will please typical amber drinkers and coax hop-heads like myself over to the malt side.

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