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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pyramid Breweries Snow Cap Winter Warmer

Not that I won’t stumble across something I can’t say no to, and this year of beer won’t be complete until I open my bottle of Deschutes Jubel 2010, but today marks the final seasonal winter beer I front-loaded into my collection for tasting; Pyramid Breweries Snow Cap Winter Warmer

Pyramid Snow Cap Winter Warmer poured a clear cherry wood color into the glass, highlighted by light carbonation trails and capped by a loose, cream-hued head.  The nose was a complex mix of vanilla, light coffee, and flowery hops supported by a cigar background.

Pyramid Snow Cap Winter Warmer had a medium-bodied start where the hops never really took hold before the tobacco and seared meat flavors dominated.  Coffee and a slightly burnt popcorn taste made an appearance as the ale faded.

Pyramid Snow Cap Winter Warmer is a more complex and challenging beer than most of the winter seasonals I have tried, and the heavy coffee and tobacco flavors will likely turn off the weak at heart, but is a refreshing break from the overly hopped, candy sweet approach many breweries take and tastes like a 2am bar crawl in a bottle.  

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