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Monday, March 14, 2011

Delerium Tremens Belgian Ale

Inspired by Wastmalle, I'm reaching for another Eurocrafted brewery; Delerium (check out that fancy URL).  Delerium Tremens Belgian Ale is intriguing before it's even opened with it's striking, granite-inspired bottle and ballsy taken-name from alcohol-withdraw induced symptoms.  Time to crack open a bottle before the DT's kick in...

Delerium Tremens poured dull yellow into the glass, cloudy with white suspended particles, and was crowned by a loose, non-sticky head.  Bananas, pears, and sweet bread dominated the nose, framed by an underlying layer of fall spices.

Delerium Tremens opened with a well carbonated front that perfectly cut the palette in preparation o the thick, sweet fruit body of the ale.  The core of the beer is a bit muddled, with fruit, honey, and sweet malt blurring into each other.   As the ale faded, notes of wet field came through and there was a substantial alcohol tingle.

Delerium Tremens is a good, classic Belgian style ale, but can easily overstay it's welcome by the end of the glass.  It's just a bit too strong and sweet to be a session beer, and as the temperature rose it became stick in the mouth.  Although I'm sure some could drink this all night long, this an ale best treated as an aperitif; appreciated for its complexity and strength, but consumed in small doses.

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