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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cascade Brewing Saison de la Maison

I try not to gush unduly, but if you find yourself in Portland, GO TO CASCADE BREWING BARREL HOUSE!  Last weekend I was treated to amazing customer service, the biggest selection of excellent sour ales I've seen in one place, and a large assortment of great brews that are anything but standard.  I picked up a few sours to taste on a different day, but wanted to call out an exception saison they had on tap, Cascade Brewing Saison de la Maison.

Cascade Brewing Saison de la Maison poured a golden honey hue with red highlights topped by a thin, lacy white head.  The nose had the distinct peppercorn and Belgian yeast I've come to expect from a saison, with tropical fruits faintly detectable.

Cascade Brewing Saison de la Maison opened with the tropical fruits hinted at in the nose and some meadow grass hints.  It's initial sweetness quickly tightened up into a drier, spicy middle accented by licorice and spicy peppers.  The dry body faded quickly but left a nice, spring morning in a field taste.

I don't typically go to a saison as my first beer of choice, but Cascade Brewing Saison de la Maison is, hands down, the best saison I have tried... nuanced, pronounced, perfectly exemplifying the style.

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