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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Samuel Smith India Ale

Hopping across the pond today for a drink from Samuel Smith Brewing, one of the most easily available (not that that's saying much) craft UK brewers, and their Samuel Smith India Ale.

Samuel Smith India Ale poured a honey amber into the glass with a sudsy thin head and mild effervescence.  The nose was primarily composed of light citrus and floral notes, but there was a slightly unpleasant alcohol and ammonia undertone to it for the first five minutes.

Drank, Samuel Smith India Ale was crisp and slightly fruity up front with a toasty, understated  middle.  As the ale faded notes of lemon and slight astringency came through and somewhat soured the drinking experience until they slowly faded (about ten minutes after opening).

Samuel Smith India Ale hits all the right notes for what a basic European IPA should taste like... less aggressively hopped and a more defined malt core than the Pacific Northwest style.

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