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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dick's Pale Ale

The coolest mixed-12 pack I started off my year of beer with, Dick’s Brewing Co. Mixer, finally reaches it’s end today with the final pre-loaded beer from Dick’s Brewing Co.  I was excited to see how the collection ended, as the lineup varied from the sublime to forgettable, with more hits than misses.  It is with some nostalgia that I open Dick’s Pale Ale. 

Dick’s Pale Ale poured the hazy color of over-steeped green tea, with a medium amount of carbonation trailing to a lumpy white head.  The bottle gave off hints of pine and cedar, prompting the joke “lumber store in a bottle”.

Drank, Dick’s Pale Ale greeted my mouth with nice, subtle pine flavors without being pitchy or astringent that mellowed to a warm, pizza dough body.  The ale ended with a slightly nutty finish and none of the bitterness or sweetness I was expecting. 

Dick’s Pale Ale is a ridiculously drinkable and layered Pale Ale, hoppy enough for a hop head to get their fix but mellow enough to be approachable by fans of less assertive beers.  While Dick’s Pale Ale isn’t exactly pushing new ground, it is a great, non-flashy introduction to a Pale Ale done right.

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