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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dick's Cream Stout

There's not much more to say about this brewery (other than I probably need to visit it in the near future as I've had so much of their beer!), so... Dick's Cream Stout from Dick's Brewing.

Dick's Cream Stout poured pitch black in the glass with almost no head and some yellow lacing.  There was no discernible carbonation making it's way through the glass and it had rich aromas of licorice, cacao, and burnt  coffee.

Dick's Cream Stout opened with a carbonated front loaded with vanilla, coffee, and chicory (thanks for adding that to my palette, NoLa).  The aforementioned flavors seemed to fluctuate in dominance and the stout ended with a smooth, creamy mouth feel.  

Dick's Cream Stout is a true dessert for beer drinkers; it's not very sweet but so rich and decadent in flavors I could easily see dropping a scoop of ice cream in it and digging in.

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