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Friday, February 18, 2011

Caldera Brewing Kettle Lawnmower Lager

I'm taking a walk on the lighter side today, with another local beer crafted by Caldera Brewing as part of their Kettle Series 22oz. bottle offerings.  The beer in question?  Caldera Brewing Kettle Lawnmower Lager.

Caldera Kettle Series Lawnmower Lager poured an extremely pale and crystal clear yellow in the glass; aggressively carbonated with a bold white head.  In the glass, the lager had the distinct smell of cooked popcorn.

Upon drinking Caldera Lawnmower Lager, I was met with a highly carbonated front that was so strong I couldn't discern any distinct flavor.  As the carbonation fizzed out, a surprisingly heavy wheat bread body surfaced with slowly faded into something slightly more toasty.

Advertised as a beer for people afraid of beer they can't see through, I suppose Caldera hit their mark.  While Lawnmower Lager has more character than the typical, mass produced lager it seems to highlight the barley a but more than necessary and doesn't really reach beyond being an easy to drink, low ABV beer.

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