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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Steinlager Classic New Zealand Lager

After a few days of blissful, hop-stravagent drinking, the pragmatist in me came out; forcing me to survey and re-prioritized my initial purchases to make sure the more perishable beers are being addressed far enough ahead of their expiration date to have a fair crack at tasting them how they are meant to be tasted.  So without further ado.. a lager from New Zealand recommended (and purchased) by my brother-in-law from the Steinlager Brewery.

Steinlager Classic, apparently the flagship beer for Steinlager, poured a weak yellow with a slight green tinge that was entirely transparent and brought to life by champagne-like bubble trails and a bright white, sudsy head.  The nose was full of malt, but unlike many of the other international lagers I've had, citrusy hops was perceivable. 

Upon drinking, Steinlager Classic proved itself to by very crisp and refreshing; dry with a well carbonated, mineral start that faded to a warm, toasted bread finish that lingered stayed around for a while without a hint of sweetness or bitterness.  Steinlager Classic is one of the most pleasingly balanced lagers I've tried in recent memory, being extremely light and drinkable while maintaining enough character to keep me interested.

Kudos to bro-in-law for knowing a good beer when he tastes it (not that I ever doubted you)!

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