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Monday, January 10, 2011

Cervezeria La Constancia Pilsner 100 Centenario

Fate apparently doesn't have it in the cards for me to hit my big beers this week.  I was hoping to try something a little different after the couple days of mass produced beer of varying quality, but as soon as I smelled cilantro and green chiles when I walked in the door I knew tonight was going to be a "south of the border" beer tasting.  Again dipping into the Beers of the World 10-pack, I chose Pilsner 100 Centenario (yes, this is redundant to fellow Spanish speakers) from Cervezeria La Constancia in El Salvador to be the ideal potential match.

Even more-so than most pilsner/lagers from Mexico and Central/South America, Pilsner 100 poured completely clear with a weak yellow tint and a soda-like head that sprung out of nowhere and left just as quickly.  There was very little nose to the beer... maybe a weaker, slightly sweeter and maltier Corona?  The nondescript experience didn't end at the nose.

Pilsner 100 was crisp and bright on the tongue with a suspicious lime citrus taste, all of which faded too quickly to an almost non-existent yet still cloying malt finish (which, too, faded within a second or two).

This may (finger crossed) be the shortest review I write.  There's not much to describe or recommend.   Pilsner 100 is a beer you could drink all day long and never be offended, but never be satisfied with.  Pilsner 100 did go well with the spicy green chiles and cilantro, but is a beer best enjoyed in gulps, not sips... and what's the fun in that?

ABV 4.2

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