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Monday, January 17, 2011

Dick's Double Diamond Winter Ale

Dick's Brewing Co. is currently running one for two for my tastings, so it is with hope (but lowered expectations) that their Dick's Double Diamond Winter Ale pushes things to the positive for the brewery.

Dick's Double Diamond Winter Ale poured a slightly cloudy brown with tints of orange with a light, lacy head and a surprising amount of effervescence.  Big, floral hops led the scent with subtle hints of smoky malts.

Even more surprising was how astray the nose led me from what it tastes like.  Dick's Double Diamond is thick and creamy, with an almost cherry-like candied malt front that trailed into molasses covered figs and undertones of brown sugar.  The lingering taste was distinctly caramelized sugar.

Dick's take on the winter ale is bigger than any traditional winter ale I've tried... almost barley-wine like in profile. In fact, this may have tasted more like a barley wine than their Barley Wine.  It's a full bodied beer with a sweetness that works, but I couldn't imagine taking on more than one of these in a night.  I give it the edge though, and am still excited to try the rest of the Dick's brews I have waiting for me.

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