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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Warsteiner Premium Verum Pilsner

Cold weather usually means darker beers (or at least beers with a bit more heat), but I still have several international lighter beer varieties I need to get through, so I chose to put off drinking a really big seasonal beer for another day and settled in with a bottle of pilsner from the German beer maker Warsteiner.

Warsteiner Premium Verum is a pilsner-style beer hailing from Germany and proudly displays it's compliance with the Reinheitsgebot, or German Purity Law.  I just hoped it would be a bigger hit than the French Kronenbourg 1664 I tasted earlier in the month.

Warsteiner Premuim Verum was transparent gold in the glass, with champagne-like bubble trails and a thin white head.  The nose had the typical wet barley smell I associate with lagers, but there was something happening in the background I still can't put my finger on.

Warsteiner Verum was refreshingly crisp up front with little carbonation in the mouth feel.   The most minute amount of sweetness came through, but the main body of the beer was clean and neutral in the mouth with little to no lingering taste.  The malts had almost a Cheerios-like flavor to them as the beer sat and the minimal effervescence faded.

This beer drank well (and quick).  It doesn't provide what I'm looking for in a beer (in fact, it was more like a soda pop than a beer), but it has sufficient character and flavor when consumed cold to satisfy most light beer cravings.

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