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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Three Days to my Year of Beer

Like most folk in the Pacific Northwest, I enjoy living in a region teaming with amazing food and libations.  From boutique wineries to small craft breweries to some of the finest coffee this side of the Equator, the PNW has ruined me for most places.  Going to some of the biggest cities in the US and seeing the same six beers on tap constantly makes me grateful for the tiny taverns in my town of 77K people that offer dozens of taps with and ever-changing assortment of brews from California, Oregon, Washington, and beyond.

As an avid beer and wine drinker of ten years, I've set forth on a personal journey to drink and take notes on a different beer every day for 2011.  Included in each tasting will be the who, what, where, when, and how to lend context to the tasting.  Whether this wholly nonacademic approach is simply an experiment in commitment or a thinly veiled excuse to pop off that first cap after work (not that one should ever beg pardon for their vices), well... let's just enjoy the ride!

Whether or not anyone stumbles across my documentation of the journey or not is an aside from the point, but for those who have arrived, pull up a chair, grab a pint of your favorite brew, and cheers!


(First beer post to start 01/01/11)

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  1. I eagerly await your day one beer post. My day one art post is now available here.